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Rev. Joseph Buba: FROM REV.JOSEPH

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Taking into Consideration that we have not met before
or had any previous dealings,l know that this
correspondent will come to you as a surprise although
it's with good motive.My name is Rev. Joseph Buba, an
International Missionary based in Liberia.l am now in
the Refegee Camp,In Republic of Benin.

A few year's ago I was in Liberia where I had
established a little congregation where I preached
regularly, but the civil war escalated and the church
was converted to a hospital of sought.

On one faithfull day three Liberian Soldiers,whom l
later learnth were special aids to the Liberian former
President (Late Samuel Doe) came to me and left two
trunk boxes containing money with me and swore to come
back for it. But you guessed it, they never did
because,they were among those who were captured and
killed by one of the Liberian Rebels then,Charles
Taylor,who later became the president,but now in
Political Asylum in Nigeria.

After this incident,l was left with the boxes containing about $19.2
Dollars(Ninteen Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)
of the risk of keeping the said boxes on my pocession due to the
in my temporary Church/Hospital,l decided to deposite the aid box with
security Finance Firm,which has it's branches in many parts of
Europe,Asia,America and Africa.

Over years after this urgly incident,l had
tried all l could to locate either the address of the
slain Soldiers or any members of their immediate
families,but all to no avail.

Now because l was among those who were evercuated from
Liberia recently due to another round of war between
the last President,Charles Taylor and other Liberian
Rebels,who were battling to take over power from him.l
am now writing to request for your assistance based on
your willingness to accept my wish and conditions on
which l want to use this said amount for.

Because of the natures of my profession (Missionary) l
will not be able to stand to claim this Fund for my
personal use,as it will attract questions from my
followers who knew that l am only but a preacher,that
is not supposed to be identified with such amount of
money. That is why l'm seeking for your assistnace,so
that you will stand as the owner of the Fund.

All the documents used in lodging the box/money in the
security Company are all in my pocessions.l will send
them to you as soon as you show your willingness to
take part in this objective. l will only need 30% of
the total sum, to support my Missionary works.
l want you to use part of the Money,(30%) to support
your business and family and the remaining 40% MUST be
used for charity,especially the ophans and widows
within your Country and outside Your Country.

l pray the Almighty God will give you the courage to
accomplish this in good faith. If you think that you
can be of use to this humanity services.

Yours Sincerely

Rev. Joseph Buba


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