Thursday, September 01, 2005


Mr. Procope Russell: From:The Desk of Mr Procope Russell

Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 17:42:29 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
From: "PROCOPE RUSSELL" Add to Address Book
Subject: From:The Desk of Mr Procope Russell

From:The Desk of Mr Procope Russell
Banco Santander Bank (Guernsey)
5-7 Victoria Road St Peter Port
Guernsey GY1 4HA
Fax 44 8701210665


First I must solicit for
your confidence in this transaction,this is by virtue of its nature as
being utterly confidential.Though I know that a transaction of this
magnitude,will make anyone apprehensive and worried but I am assuring
you that all is legal and will be well at the end of this deal.I
decided to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction.

I am Mr
Procope Russell an American national based in Guernsey? Island UK as a
banker with Banco Santander Bank (Guernsey) Ltd.located in the heart of
St Peters Port Guernsey as one of best financial firm.During our last
year auditing,I discovered a lump sum of £ (Ten Million
Pounds) in our treasury unclaimed for the past five years,after much
verification with one of my colleagues in the office Mr
Roland Knights,
I found out that our auditing team for that year, map out this fund for
their personal use hence they were unsuccessful in the act,because I
was not informed of the deal as the head of treasury and bill exchange

Based on this discovery as an influential in this bank,I
have decided to confide in you this business proposal for your
consideration and to release the totality sum mentioned above for our
individual betterment as partners,which every necessary arrangement has
been perfected and guaranteed for uncomplicated remittance into
whichever nominated account of your choice as original beneficiary to
the said fund,all we need to do upon your acceptance to participate in
this hitch free transaction,is to insert your name/particulars in our
treasury room legally as the owner and commence operation fully for
transfer to your account.

However,I am having problem of moving this
funds out of the bank with my full involvement without a foreigner as I
have no right under my capacity to have these funds transferred out of
the country knowing too well that as a civil servant,I am not entitled
to own more than £500,000.00 as my personal funds and above all,the
government of Guernsey forbid a foreigner from operating a foreign
account in Guernsey without a formal approval from the apex bank which
i do not have now.

I will guide and advise properly on how to go about
this transaction to become a reality upon your acceptance to
collaborate with me.Prior to your full acceptance to strike this deal
with me, we will discuss on what will be your percentage for fronting
you as the beneficiary to perfect the deal.

My best friends,if this
meets your consideration,do not make undo of the trust I have reposed
in you.You can equally reach me on my direct line: 447040102534 for
more discussion relating this transaction.Email;

Mr. Procope Russell
Head of Treasury
(Banco Santander Bank
(Guernsey) Ltd)

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