Thursday, September 08, 2005


mr francis nnamani: RE;;HI

From: Add to Address Book
Subject: RE;;HI
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 04:23:49 +0200

Temat: l need your assistance

Dear sir,

I am mr peter brown, the
manager of a prime bank in Africa.I do not know you
and you do not know me but for reasons which will
become obvious to you as you read on, I obtained Your
email address from an Internet address listing hoping
and Believing God that you will be trustworthy,
reliable and willing to assist Me. Please Sir,
exercise some patience while you read through my

I have a very urgent and confidential business
proposition for you. On June 6th 1999, an
Engineer/Consultant/Contractor with a big and
Influential Multi national Oil Company and a foreigner
here made a time deposit in a bank Which I am
presently the Manager. He did not declare any next of
kin in his application paper. The money is very big
and no one knows the source of this money because
apparently the time frame of his employment with the
company here in Africa does indeed preclude such a
large amount of money.It can be assumed that he
brought his money over from his country or previous
place of work but that is open to speculation.

However,the point is that he is dead and his employers
are not aware Of this money,and therefore it can be
safely assumed that no one will ever come forward to
claim this money, he died in 2002. The total sum
(inclusive of accrued interests) is still sitting in
my Bank in the Dormant Account Portfolio. No one will
ever come forward to claim it now or in the future and
according to our banking laws, after 5 years, the
will automatically revert to the Federal Government
Treasury if the Account owner is a foreigner and is
certified dead but with you a foreigner applying for
the transfer of this fund to your nominated account
anywhere in the world and all documents backing the
transfer legally secured and there is certification
that the funds being transferred are from non-criminal
sources we will have no problems. In short this will
be a proper and legal money transfer and there will be
no related risk!

We will have to process the initial paperwork to
obtain approval from the Probate Registry (Ministry of
Justice) and obtain the Letter of Administration
empowering you as Sole trustee/executor to the
deceased Estate after which I will use my position and
influence in the bank to effect speedy onward transfer
this money from our bank to your nominated account. If
therefore agree to be the official Beneficiary, your
phone and fax,full name and brief background
on you (CV).

As soon as I receive a positive response on your
willingness to assist me then I will initiate the
processing of the transfer and in about 7 working days
the money will be in your nominated bank account for
us to share in the ratio of 50% for me and 50% for

is transaction is guaranteed to success without any
problems. If you agree to assist me by sending me the
above requested Information, I will give you my
complete address, including phone/ fax etc and any
further clarifications you may require.

Looking forward to your urgent reply.


mr francis nnamani.


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