Friday, August 26, 2005


Ivan Poski: From Mr. Ivan Poski.(URGENT)

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:29:41 +0300
From: "Ivan Poski" Add to Address Book
Subject: From Mr. Ivan Poski.(URGENT)

From Mr. Ivan Poski.

My Good Friend,

I am Mr. Ivan Poski, the leader of the Ovasi Rebel movement in Africa. A rebel group secretly sponsored by Late Bruce Carr and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the embattled chairman, CEO of Yukos oil Menatap SBP Bank.

The Ovasi rebel group contributed immensely in the revolution that sent President Charles Taylor on exile. Beside our fight for equality and political stability, we also had control over the Lusaka Diamond mines, which was a joint investment between Late Bruce and Mr. Khodorkovsky.

Diamonds were being mined and sold to French and Arabian dealers for many years. On 28th of may 2004 before the death of Late Bruce Carr the sum of US$360million was realized from the sales of the Diamonds at the Lusaka Mines and as usual was disbursed according to the agreement among the war lords, the local chiefs and the foreign sponsors. The sum of US$21m and US$25m was sent to late Bruce and Mr. Khodorkovsky respectively. All funds previously sent to them were usually done through a European security Agency. The Agency moves the money from Africa to Europe where it is delivered to different Financial House in Europe.
On this particular transaction I had delays in sending a confirmation of the arrival of the funds in Europe before the announcement of the death of Mr Bruce Carr. Right now the funds are still with the Financial House in Europe waiting for instructions on how they are to be released/transfer.


If you agree on my terms, I will give you every detail you require to present yourself to the financial house in Europe as an associate or next of kin to Late Bruce Carr and they will send the funds to wherever you tell them you wants it.


I will take 70% of the funds when you get it,this amount will enable me to travel to USA for my lever transplanting operation.

If this is okay by you, notify me immediately so that we can proceed.

Ivan Poski

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