Friday, May 06, 2005


Rev. John Peters Miller: REPLY

Dear Sir,

Compliment of the season to you and your family, I
hope and pray that you will not feel disturbed for my
contacting you. Well I got your contact through the
directory and after much prayer I decided to contact
you so that we can work together to save souls.

I am rev John peter miller the personal assistant to Mr.
Allen Lee now late, a native of Thailand who happened
to be a very good and wealthy business man here in
lome before his death, he operated an offshore account
with a finance company in Europe and Asia. My boss
when he was alive deposited a huge sum of money in the
finance company before traveling to Khao Lak,
Thailand, a popular tourist destination on the
southern coast of Thailand his home land on the 19th
of December 2004 for the xmas celebration but
unfortunately he and his entire family were among the
people killed by the tsunami Indian ocean overflow
that occurred on the 26th December 2004 evening,
killing many people all over Asia and some part of
east Africa.

For more detail and clarification you can check it out
on: ( to verify about the
incident. Considering the trust reposed on me by my
late boss I have decided to contact you believing you
to be God fearing and trustworthy so that we will
together repatriate the funds US$12.5 million from the
finance company for onward transfer to your personal

On the successful transfer of the fund, we will
donate 50% to the areas affected by tsunami in
Thailand while you and I will share the remaining
50%.Please if you can help you should email me the

1-Your full name:
3-Private telephone number:
4-Fax number:
6-Marital Status:

The above information's will be forwarded to the
finance company to contact you for the onward transfer
of the fund. We have to save souls with this fund so
don't waste any time to indicate your readiness to
proceed with me.

rev.John Peters miller.

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