Thursday, May 05, 2005


Mrs. Mariam Abacha: ATTENTION



I am delighted to write this letter to you hoping that you
will understand my predicament and answer back without
hesitation. I am MRS.MARIAM ABACHA wife of the late
Nigerian Head of State GENERAL SANI ABACHA. I got your
contact through business inquires from the chamber of
commerce as I was making contact for a Honest foreigner who
will help save my life and my children, hence our country
has been frustrating to us since the death of my husband.

I am in possession of $35,000.000 (THIRTY FIVE MILLION U.S
DOLLARS) which I want to invest in your country. For your
clarification and understanding, this money is in a truck
box which was deposited with a security company indisguise
as a family treasure DIAMOND AND GOLD since 5th of May
1999. it is not an ill gotten wealth rather it was WILLED
to me by my late husband. On your acceptance to render this
assistance to me, I will instruct the security company to
effect the change of ownership of this fund to your name as
the bona-fide owner/my next of kin to enable you retrieve
the fund since the box can not be moved out of our country
by the family's name.

It is very important that you forward to me your full name
,your private telephone and fax numbers/occupation,to
enable me send all relevant documents pertaining the
deposit of this fund to you. Bear in mind that this
transaction demands absolute confidentiality because all
properties,assets and bank accounts both local and
international bearing the ABACHA'S family name, are been
confiscated by the Already elected civilian President of
Nigeria so called (President Olusegun Obasanjo)hence I will
not want to be exposed this is to aviod losing the money.

For your knowledge, 20% of this fund $35,000.000 (THIRTY
FIVE MILLION U.S DOLLARS) will be given to you if you
assist me to secure this fund and another 10% has set aside
for all the expenses you might incur during the process of
securing this fund. Example: TELEPHONE/FAX BILLS and any
other miscellaneous expenses. And bear in mind that this is
the only remaining fund for the survival of my family.
Nevertheless if you are in any reason not intrested in this
proposal kindly inform me so that i will start to look for
another reliable contact


Thanks as I wait for your immediate response

Yours truly.


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