Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Mr Tim Harry: Quick Response

From: Add to Address Book
Subject: Quick Response
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 14:30:26 +0200

I write to seek your services in a private matter regarding the late
Adam A Williams who died from united states of america leaving some funds
unclaimed in our bank without any beneficiary.This requires a private
arrangement.Could you perhaps be able to receive these funds under legal
claims then I will fill you in.I am willing to pay a generous
management and transfer fees as well as appreciation for fewer questions asked
and your participation.15%

I need assistance from a trustworthy and reliable person whom i will
fill in as the beneficiary to provide an account where this fund will be
remmited.I have all the details and will fill you in if you are really
willing. Your major role would be to open a bank account where the
funds will be transferred.
All correspondences will be via email,for now.The funds in question
are quite large (about $126,000,000). I will expect a straight answer
from you. Yes or no. If yes, then let's work out the modalities.
Closing with anticipation.
Mr Tim Harry.

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