Sunday, May 08, 2005


Michael Samson: Need your Support

Need your Support

peace of the good lord be unto you. i am Michael Samson. i am 24years old i am a Liberian Refugee in nigeria, i am good drummer by profession since 1994,but i have a fibriod and i need help finacially to put myself out of these disease of mine. Now i have been able to meet with some doctors who are really ready to assist me out from these and i am charged to get $5000 for operation to be carried out. and i have no parent againi lost them during the war in my home country before the government of nigeria help us to excape the war. And now I am in a strange country where i manage life with some christian brethren. but now i am about to go for operation and i need your organisation to support me finacially in any way and no amount is small as i still hope to meet up with other organisations online as this idea came into me inspirationally to search and to meet people of the world to help me in this my hard time as i have no mother nor father again and life here is difficult for me and i know as you help me the lord will bless you in good returns.. Finally i will be looking forward to hear from you any moment from now through my email address. thanks

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