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Dr. Jonathan Ogu

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To: jonathan_ogu@eresmas.com
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 16:10:24 GMT

Asylum Medical Care
29 Willoughby Road
London N8 0JE

My Dearest beloveth,

Sorry for writing you an unsolicited mail,i got your contact from the Realtors list in The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry this is based on my personal search for a reliable and trustworthy person who will help Madam.
I have a promising proposal, which I know might interest you.It is with heart full of pity that i seek for your foreign assitance to one Madam Elizabeth Muluzu.

 My name is Dr.jonathan Ogu jr, a medical doctor attached to Asylum Medical Care here in London. This is a compelling story, and I beg you to be patient and read through to the end. I have a widow here in the Asylum Medical Care who is on a political asylum here in Asylum Medical Care , she has been so ill for some couple of months now. This woman confinded in me based on the free medical attention I have been giving to her and her children.She had revealed to me of her life history and about her late husband who was a top military officer in (Sierra-Leone) before his death during the civil war and the fortune she inherited from her late husband. Her late husband's family are searching for madam Elizabeth Muluzu so that they will take her life to enable them forcefully claim all that her late husband left behind for her and her little children.I pray it shall never be well with them.

For this reason, she has asked me to source for a credible and trustworthy foreign partner abroad who will go and claim out the deposited box because he (madam's late husband) deposited the box as a belonging to his foreign business partner whose name was not mentioned for security reasons and for you to manage her funds, the total sum of Ten million, five hundred thousand US Dollars (US$10,500,000.00 million), which her late husband deposited in a safe Fiduciary Agent based in Europe.

I wish to choose you for this venture and I believe you will be in the position to assist in managing this large sum in a profitable venture and also to help create a safe heaven for her and her children by making a residence arrangement for them in your country.

After she had disclosed this information to me, I saw the reason to request from her to allow me see the documents relating to this deposit of which she did,now I have the documents covering the deposit which I will not hesitate to send to you the copies as a prove for your confirmation as soon as I receive your response via email.

You are obliged to assist this lady knowing too well that she has a limited knowledge in the business world and as such she can not manage this funds herself. And in Africa in order to avoid any trace of her late husband's family relations who are after her life, I will need from you an honest,kind,and mutual understanding at help madam Elizabeth Muluzu,after which you will
arrange and travel immediately to meet with the security company Agent for clearing out of
the box. This amount is contained in a sealed trunk box and it is registered and declared as containing family treasures, so even as I am writing you now the security company and it's Agent is not aware that there is cash money in the trunk. Let me assure you that this transaction is 100% hitch- free and risk?free.

From my discussion with her, she has agreed to give you a reasonable amount of percentage for your involvement in this and this has to be discussed upon the receipt of your quick response. Looking forward to your urgent reply,And please know that this transaction is very confidential ,so please do not disclose it to anybody.

Thanks and God bless for your understanding,

Sincere regards,

Dr.Jonathan ogu

Please always write me with the alternative e-mail jonathan_ogu9@terra.com.mx


Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 11:39:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: "The Clown Show"   Add to Address Book
Subject: Madam Elizabeth Muluzu
To: jonathan_ogu@eresmas.com, jonathan_ogu9@terra.com.mx

My dearest Dr. Ogu:

My God! How I wept when I read your account of Madam
Elizabeth Muluzu and the mistreatment she and her
children have had to endure. Please pardon me if my
spelling is naccurate because I can barely see through
the tears in my eyes.

Of course, I would be delighted to help Madam and her
children. Especially the dear children. I have plenty
of room in my 100-acre ranch in the Appalachian
Mountains. Do the children like horses? Please put
them on the first plane to the Charleston Airport in
West Virginia. E-mail me with the time of their
arrival and I will be there to meet them.

As for the finanicial quandry of Madam Elizabeth
Muluzu, I should be happy to take care of the
situation without taking a percentage of the proceeds.
I am quite experienced in these matters and should be
able to expedite the transaction in a matter of days.

Instead of a percentage, however, I should require an
up-front advance of good faith. If you'd be so kind,
good doctor, to assemble $10,000 in U.S. currency,
bills of the $50 denomination would be preferred.
Disguise the bills in two stacks as a book, wrap them
thickly with brown paper and address them to my
colleague in a remote location:

Richard Jones
PO Box 13311
Hamilton OH 45013

Please write on the outside of the package: "Here are
the tomes you ordered." Be sure to use the word
"tomes". That is Mr. Jones' (not his real name) code
to know that the package is to be forwarded to me.

I am sure you understand the need for discretion in
this matter. Please respond as soon as you have
prepared the package of U.S. currency.

Your esteemed and most trusted colleague,
Ken Smith

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