Thursday, May 05, 2005


The Caliph: APPEAL

Sri Lanka
4/may 05
> Dear Sir,
> I have permission of the Ka'agama people to communicate
> this message to you. For ages, prior to the tsunami
> disaster, my people have suffered untold hardship under our
> central government. The tsunami disaster compounded this
> condition, washing away our tea farms and infrastrutures.
> People outside our country have continued to show love in
> form of donations to rehabilitate survivors of this great
> disaster in our country. Several individuals and
> organisations have specifically visited our province and
> promised to support us financially towards rebuilding our
> health centers. They also promise to provide emergency
> items in the form of Food, Clothing,
> Shelter and Medicine. Because of the presence of stagnant
> water, it is feared that diseases could spread easily.
> It is in view of this that our entire community in
> Sivanolipatha Malai Sri Lanka appeal to you to help us
> receive donations from sympathisers in your country
> directly on our behalf. In other words we shall keep such
> donations in your custody. With your guidance we shall
> utilize the donations to reconstruct our community by
> direct labor since our central government have continued to
> show little or no interest in the welfare of over eight
> hundred thousand homeless people in our communitydisplaced
> by the tsunami disaster. We shall compensate you for your
> time and resources deployed for this service. This is our
> message. Please send your response to;
> The Caliph
> Ka'agama Liberation Front

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